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<s:event b:on="construct" b:action="show"/> <s:event b:on="construct" b:action="set" b:target="/body/@class" b:value="bpc-loaded" /> <table width="100%" border="0"> <tr><td align="left"> <b:accordeon style="width: 580px;"> <b:accordeonhead>2007-08 District Teacher of the Year, Ana Maria Ramirez, Fairfield High</b:accordeonhead> <b:accordeonbody> <table border="0"> <tr><td width="400"> <img src="pics/teachers/ana_ramirez.jpg" width="400" height="268" /> </td></tr> </table> </b:accordeonbody> <b:accordeonhead>2007-08 Site level Teachers of the Year</b:accordeonhead> <b:accordeonbody> <table border="0"> <tr><td width="550"> <img src="pics/teachers/teacher_of_year.jpg" width="550" height="197" /> </td></tr> </table> </b:accordeonbody> </b:accordeon> </td></tr> </table>

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